Advisory Weigh

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Vehicle mass weight otherwise known as OVER LOADING is a major contributor to road crashes. The introduction of additional weigh to any vehicle wether on or behind is very misunderstood by road opertors.

DGET in its commitment to the SAFE operation of a Vehicle and in a Towing situation. DGET has invested significantly in portable weigh pads and can now provide an advisory weighing service for vehicles and trailers up to 4,500KG GVM / ATM.

Mass weight of a vehicle especially a trailer is the major contributing factor to road crashes and incidents.

An over weight vehicle and/or trailer can also affect any potential insurance claims against and individual vehicle and / or trailer if involved in a road crash or incident.

A prime example are the safety check days operated by Caravaning Queensland for all owners of RV’s. These days are well utilised and booking well in advance is reccomended. This also highlights the willingness of RV owners to action the correct strategy and weight their combinations.

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