Australian Dangerous Goods Code Overview


DANGEROUS GOODS  – Transport & Storage Session

Why spend 8 or 16 hours traning if the accreditation is not required.

Our 4 hour short course covers all the basics in undertsanding and knowing where to look for information. The 4 hours will also meet better with company needs in relation to staff on the job down time.

We can also arrange times to suit your staffing needs and my avaialability at your site.

Based around 4 hours duration, it is designed to provide participants with the knowledge and understanding of the elements in Basic Awareness of Dangerous Goods. The session visits codes, regulations and practices inline site storage and visits the Australian Dangerous Goods Code for compliance with aspects in transporting.

 Target Audience:

The target audience for this awareness session will include a variety of transport industry members including (but not limited to):

·         Drivers

·         Owners

·         Operators

·         Freight Consignors

·         Suppliers

 Course Learning Outcomes:

The course will enable participants to demonstrate an understanding of the following units in line with an approved Queensland Transport Dangerous Goods Course.

 ·         Legislative Requirements and Definitions

·         Class Information

·         Documentation

·         Packages, Containers and Vehicles

·         Placarding and Package Marking

·         Stowage, Segregation and Compatibility

·         Load Security

·         Procedures During Transport

·         Safety Equipment

·         Emergency Procedures


A Certificate of Attendance will be provided upon completion of the course.  Although this is a non-qualification course, it meets the employers ‘Duty of Care’ in the area of DG Awareness.

Course Frequency

Options are available for you whether you are a business or individual.  Contact us to discuss your individual needs.