Load Restraint Principles


This course is designed to provide participants with a basic knowledge and understanding of Load Restraint principles as outlined in the Load Restraint Guide 2018.

The Load Restraint Guide 2018 is now spilt into two volumnes, under 4500kg and over 4500Kg. All personal transporting any type and size of load is required to fullfll the requirments of the guide and law.





Target Audience:

The target audience for the session includes a variety of transport industry members including (but not restricted to):

·         Drivers

·         Owners

·         Operators

·         Freight Consignors ans consignees

·         Vehicle Manufacturers

·         Suppliers

Course Learning Outcomes:

The course will enable participants to demonstrate an understanding of the following units in line with the National Transport Commission Load Restraint Course.

·         The importance of restraining a load on a vehicle

·         Introduction to the Load Restraint Guide

·         General principles of load restraint

·         Restraining loads on vehicles

·         Practical Exercise (where possible)

·         Load Restraint Equipment

·         Driving laden vehicles

·         Loads (Specialised)


A Certificate of Attendance will be provided upon completion of this short course.  Although this is a non-qualification course, it meets the employers ‘Duty of Care’ in the area of Load Restraint as well as providing the necessary informational tools for staff to become and remain compliant..

Course Frequency

Options are available for you whether you are a business or individual.   Contact us to discuss your individual needs.