Segregation Devices

  • Manufactured in accordance with Australian Dangerous Goods Code.
  • Competent Authority Approvals.
  • Available in 2 sizes (external dimensions shown below)
    “C” – 1180mm x 1180mm x 1320H
    “D” – 1280mm x 1280mm X 1690H
  • Lockable for extra security.
  • Rugged construction ensures long term application.
  • No separate pieces (Lids cannot be lost in transit).
  • Doors open 270 degrees to facilitate loading and reduce dock space.
  • Spill tray options available on request  (Additional costs apply)
  • Colours optional
  • Style “D” built to hold pallet sized load up to gross capacity weight
  • NOT designed to house rectangular IBC’s
  • Any variations in build will require full testing and Competent Authority approvals (additional costs apply)

All Segregation devices are made to order.